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Daniel Radcliffe officially joins Google+ social network
Written by Red
Tuesday, 27 November 2012 15:55
Daniel Radcliffe recently confirmed that his only official and verified social media account will be through Google+, where he will discuss upcoming projects he is involved in. Dan confirmed it with MTV recently.
This has mainly come about because of the amount of people that I meet who tell me that they have contacted me on Twitter or Facebook when I know that's impossible — because I don't belong to either one of those sites," Radcliffe told MTV News about joining Google+. "Now that I have this page, there will be an outlet for accurate information and hopefully people will not waste their time giving credence to people pretending to be me."
"It will be active," he said, "but with updates about things I'm working on or have worked on, including things I'm passionate about, like The Trevor Project. What it won't be is the minutia of my daily life, like what's on the craft services table."
Follow Dan at this link: plus.google.com/+DanielRadcliffe/posts

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